Books of Millennium can be bought online also.Parents can buy NCERT books for Grade IX & X.


About Millennium School

Millennium Group of Schools, world-class CBSE schools, mark their presence across more than 40 cities. An exciting and enticing journey that started with The Millennium Schools and then the launch of Millennium World Schools with a more global approach since 2020. These schools are unique to the extent that they have earned the award for being the most innovative chain of schools and of course an award-winning curriculum, the Millennium Learning system.

Empowering children with 21st-century skills requires precision, planning, and the intention to impact the lives of children. Through our schools, the only mission is to bring about a change through education by using technology, innovative strategies, and hands-on activities which will leave an impact for generations to come. Shaping the generations and giving the next century its actual powerful skillful leaders.

While Academics is an integral part, Millennium Group of Schools also takes your child to the next level by catering beautifully and thoughtfully to the co-scholastic area. Every child is unique and born with the immense talent which needs good nurturing and ample opportunities to showcase them. Demographically also India is known for varied cultures and traditions which blend beautifully to form one country. While we understand the demography we also know and understand that the need of every area is different and we ensure that they are not left behind. Our schools across various locations abide by the philosophy and provide exposure to age-appropriate co-curricular activities which keep the regional flavor and heritage intact. Building a nation through our leaders by keeping our culture, values, ethics, and rich heritage alive at our Millennium Group of Schools. Experience the magic of learning with us.

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